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Meredith Button is today’s prize winner!

Congratulations to Meredith, who won the “Bad to the Bone: Analyzing and Assessing Dog Bites” DVD by Cara Shannon

Nildan Atkay won our 2nd grand prize!

Congratulations, Nildan! You won dog*tec’s “Basic Class Curriculum” DVD worth $600! What a great prize – and thanks to dog*tec for donating it!

Friday’s Winner is . . . . Eleasha Gall!

Yesterday, Eleasha Gall won Emotions, Intelligence and the Behavior of Dogs by Ray Coppinger! Congratulations, Eleasha. The next drawing is Monday, and it’s a Grand Prize – dog*tec’s Basic Class Curriculum worth $600! Get your entry in, if you haven’t already.

Marie-Gabrielle Selarque Wins “Dogs!”

Congratulations to Marie-Gabrielle Selarque of Pro Dog Hawaii won today’s drawing, which is the book “Dogs” by Ray and Lorna Coppinger.


Our 1st Grand Prize Winner!

Linda Mangun of Jungle Camp in Aubrey, Texas won our first grand prize – Discrimination Workshop Chicken Camp from Legacy Canine, worth $600! Congratulations, Linda – what a great prize. And many thanks to Terry Ryan of Legacy Canine ( for donating it.

Winner of Today’s Drawing – Teri Monget-Garza

Today’s drawing winner is Teri Monget-Garza. She’s won Ray Coppinger’s DVD “Mexico City Dump Dogs.” This is a fascinating DVD, so congratulations, Teri!

If you haven’t enrolled for the drawings, just go to and get yourself enrolled. There are lots of prizes still to be had!

Raising Canine’s Website Grand Opening – 1st Winner!

Gloria Post from Hands On Dog Training in San Diego, California won today’s drawing! She won the book “Behavioral Detectives” by Bobby Newman & Dana Reinecke. Congratulations, Gloria. For a list of all winners, you can check Raising Canine’s website –

Raising Canine’s Website Grand Opening

I was so happy to get this up, and so pleased with my new look, that I really wanted to do something special. I was mulling it over, wishing I was a storefront instead of an Internet-based business, when I thought “Why can’t I have a grand opening? There’s no rule that says grand openings are only for physical stores.” So I took that thought and ran with it. The advantage of a website grand opening is that it doesn’t have to be just one day – it can be all month long!

And so it will be; Raising Canine’s Website Grand Opening will take place throughout the month of October. There are all kinds of things going on this month – here are just a few of the highlights:

  • Free telecourses
  • Great prizes
  • A remote group hypnosis session

We have four Grand prizes up to $1500 in value, and we also have a bunch of first prize DVDs and books which will be given away throughout the month. Everybody who enters will win something. Below is a list of the telecourses that will be going on this month, so check them out. Here’s the link to the Grand Opening page on my website so you can enroll in the drawing, if you want. While you’re there, please take the time to fill out the survey. Thanks for participating!



Branding: My Personal Journey

For those of you who aren’t aware, I launched my new Raising Canine website about a month ago. This has been a project three years in the making! Because it’s been such a long and arduous process, I thought I’d share my thought process with you.

When I started this incarnation of Raising Canine, I planned on addressing education for all companion animals (i.e., dogs, cats, parrots and horses). I recruited speakers for various species and do have a nice selection of cat and parrot courses. During this process, I realized that my business name, Raising Canine, was not helping me when it came to the other species offerings, so I decided to change my name. After some thought, I came up with the name “Animal Ed.”

Changing my name from Raising Canine to Animal Ed was an emotionally difficult transition, as I love the name Raising Canine, and it is a well-known name in our industry. However, I decided this is a business decision – not an emotional decision – so I decided to gird my loins and do it. I used Animal Ed for about a year, and even put out one major product using that name – Cara Shannon’s DVD, “Bad to the Bone.”

After about a year, I took a look at my financials and decided that I would be better served targeting dog trainers, rather than consultants for other species. I wasn’t as well known with other species and I didn’t have the contacts to create a rich and varied selection of educational offerings, as I did with dogs. So, I decided to go back to Raising Canine. What a mess! However, I’m very glad I made that decision, even if it was bit of a sticky wicket.

So, the moral of this story is, market narrowly and deliver broadly. Does this seem to be a recurring theme with me? I have a lot of really great education for dog trainers; however, probably half (or more!) of that education applies equally to consultants of other species. So, I’ll target dog trainers and if cat consultants want to learn from my offerings, great! I’m happy to oblige.

Next month (October) will be the grand opening of my new website, so check it out! We’ll have some great prizes (4 grand prizes worth over $500 each!), and everyone can win something.  Hopefully, we’ll have all the glitches worked out by then.