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Back to Basics: Working With Clients

Back to Basics: Working With Clients

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It may feel as though some have unreasonable demands. Some won’t do the homework, but still expect results. Some won’t follow your directions, while others misinterpret them. The dogs are always the easiest part of what we do! Go back to the basics of working with clients, including tips for motivating and communicating with them effectively. For new trainers and veteran trainers who appreciate the benefits of reviewing this important foundation training skill. Also great for other canine professionals who want to learn more about working with their clients!

Pre-requisites OR Target Level of Knowledge: n/a
Instructor: Teoti Anderson
Continuing Education Units (CEUs):
KPA CEUs: 1.5
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Course Length: 1.5 hrs
Original Air Date: 2014

Course Cost: $30.00

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Refund Policy: The course fee will be refunded, in its entirety, so long as the enrollee requests a refund in writing no later than the 14th day after the course is purchased. Alternatively, the enrollee may request an exchange or credit toward a different course, instead of a refund.

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