Raising Canine

Quick Fixes: Sometimes Prevention is Good Enough!

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Training and behavior modification are great, but sometimes it’s faster or more practical to train the humans or make some environmental changes. In many situations, we can set things up so that the dog doesn’t have a chance to misbehave.

Management can be a permanent “quick fix” or it can be used to give your new behaviors a chance to take root. In this seminar, you will learn new management tricks for lots of different kinds of problems, from peeing in the house to barking and fence-fighting. Be ready to (briefly) share your best tips, too!

Pre-requisites OR Target Level of Knowledge:  N/A
Instructor: Grisha Stewart
Continuing Education Units (CEUs):
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Course Length:  1 hr
Original Air Date:  2012

Course Cost:  $20.00

Contact Information:  sue@raisingcanine.com

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