Affiliate Program

The Raising Canine Affiliate Program (RCAP) is a good way to both supplement your income and provide great information to your friends and clients.I’m very proud of the courses in my affiliate program and know that you can confidently promote and offer them, knowing that the people you are referring are getting a higher level of education and ethical grounding than is generally available within our profession.

The Professional Dog Trainer and Understanding Learning Theory courses offer science-based information to animal trainers and include a significant critical-thinking component. I don’t want people to simply memorize the material to pass an exam – I want them to be able to take that information and apply it in the most efficient and humane manner possible.

The Business Basics course is equally high in value. This course takes business concepts and shows small business owners how to integrate all their business practices to achieve specified goals. It includes education on using your financials, creating efficient systems, marketing, company culture, and so much more. It’s a great value for the money. (By the way, this course isn’t only for animal trainers – you can sell this course to any small business!)

How the RCAP works

When you sign up for the RCAP program, you’ll receive access to marketing materials. These materials include graphics and links to add to your website. In order to receive a commission, your referral must access the course through the link on your website, as this is the only way I have to track affiliate sales. You’ll also receive notices of upcoming specials, ideas on how to market programs, etc.

Referrals can sign up for the Professional Dog Trainer Course at any time and get started immediately! The Understanding Learning Theory and Business Basics courses are held at specific times throughout the year. That doesn’t mean a referral can’t sign up at any time for the next session, but I will be sending you notifications and materials a month or two before the course starts, so you can promote them in a timely manner.

If you refer someone who purchases a course, you’ll receive a 20% commission.

Additionally, the RCAP program is a two-tiered affiliate program. What that means is that if you refer someone as an affiliate (i.e., the person doesn’t just buy a course, but also signs up to be an affiliate), you receive a 5% commission on any sales they make. Commissions on second-tiered referrals never fluctuates – as long as your affiliate referral is referring sales, you receive your commission.

You can put as much or as little effort into these second tier affiliates as you want. They will receive from me everything that you receive, so I will be actively working with them, just as I work with you. However, you’re certainly welcome to work with them, within the parameters of our agreement, in an effort to increase their sales, which increases your commissions.

Here’s what you can expect from the RCAP

You’ll receive regular communications from me through a newsletter. The newsletter will highlight affiliate accomplishments, program specials, contests and other affiliate opportunities. Additionally, each newsletter will have an educational article addressing business practices, learning, behavior, or training to help you create the best business possible.

I hope that answers questions you may have about the RCAP. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate please sign-up here.